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((Switching to personal blog because of the Legend of Korra finale and I feel that my feels will be far too devastating to deal with asks for a while.))

  • Question: HELLO LUIGI HOW ARE YOU - falcon0punch
  • Answer:


    …? Oh, heh… hello, Captain. Eh, I don’t-a suppose that you could-a be a little, eh… quieter? I’m-a sorry to-a say that I’m-a, eh… easily startled.

    But I’m-a fine, thanks for asking. How-a are you?


I was-a never good with these-a sort of things…

But-a, anyway — welcome-a to my blog!

Here you can-a ask me questions (anything-a you’d like) or just chat-a with me! I’m-a looking forward to-a meeting everyone!

Okie-dokie! Bye-bye for now!